Spinach Bechamel Mini Quiches

These Delicious Bites of Creamy Bechamel and Spinach mixed with farm fresh eggs will keep them wanting more !! You can serve these at any time, from Sunday brunches to cocktail parties they are always a success.

Recipe: yields 32 mini quiches

1 stick butter

1/2 cup Flour

2 Cups Heavy Cream

4 Cloves Garlic minced

4 cups spinach chopped small

1/2 TB Kosher Salt

1/4 Tsp Black Pepper

pinch of nutmeg

10 Lg Eggs whisked

Directions: In a LG Saute Pan heat butter at a medium heat. When melted add garlic and saute until golden, add flour and mix into butter forming a roux which is” a paste”. Cook for 3-4 minutes then add heavy cream whisking into roux slowly. Continue to whisk until you don’t see any lumps. Keep the heat at medium and cook sauce until nice and thick. Add Spinach, salt, pepper, and nutmeg mix into sauce and continue to cook for 3 minutes. Take One cup of your delicious creamed spinach mixture when cooled, and add to your whisked eggs, mix together. Heat oven to 350 . Place mixture into mini muffin trays. Bake for 15- 20 Minutes. They will rise and when firmed up in the center they are ready !! Pop out and Enjoy šŸ™‚

Note: If you are left with any leftover creamed spinach it makes a great side dish !! Or you can use it to create another masterpiece !

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French Toast Bites

Growing up in a family that loved entertaining especially brunch time, IĀ grew a passion for that meal time. Ā Here is something I came up with, remembering those fabulous Sundays when my mom would make the most delicious french toast out of Challah. For those of you that are french toast lovers I would have to say Challah makes the most incredible moist french toast !! I could always smell the vanilla from across the house šŸ™‚ .

Here is a recipe that is sure to keep your friends and family wanting to spend every Sunday with you !

Recipe: ServesĀ 6 butĀ depends on how hungry you are !

1/2 loaf challah small cubes

6 Lg Eggs

1 cup heavy cream

1 TBĀ vanilla extract

1 Tsp salt

1 TB cinnamon

baking spray

mini muffin tray

Preheat oven to 350. Whisk all the ingredients together. Add challah and let the challah soak up all the liquid. Spray pan with baking spray. I use pam baking spray. Fill each one up with mixture and dont be afraid to be generous !! Since every oven heats differently I would just keep an eye on it as you would with anything you are baking. I baked mine in a nonstickĀ mini muffin tray that has 24 muffin slotsĀ forĀ 20-25 mins. It shouldnt take much longer than that. They will rise and be golden brown on top when done. When done they should pop out. Place on plate and you can top with whatever your heart desires ! I topped mine with powdered sugar, but you can do fresh fruit or another favorite nutella !!

Easy to eat since they are bite sized šŸ™‚Ā  Enjoy !!

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